Lost: Has anyone seen this book?

Three weeks ago, a book was carefully packaged up and sent from The Library of Lost Books to my home.

It never turned up. The lost book is even more lost.

Maybe it decided to make the most of its freedom, having been released from Birmingham Library for the first time in years. Or maybe it found another home along the way, and decided that was where it wanted to be.

Either way, I have to conclude that the book – a 1933 copy of The Picturegoer’s Who’s Who and Encyclopaedia – won’t be part of my project, at least this time around.

However, there is a new book being packaged up in LoLB HQ, ready to be sent out this week. I’m a bit sad about the first book, but also more than a wee bit excited about this new one.

There are a couple of things I’ve heard about the new book that make me feel this one is rather special. It’s older than The Picturegoer’s, and I think it’s seen rather a lot of changes through the years.

It’s already sparking off new ideas, thoughts and sketches about how the project should be further extended.

I’ll post up pictures when the new book gets here and explain a little more about what I’m making for The Library of Lost Books.

In the meantime, if you happen to see a 1933 copy of The Picturegoer’s Who’s Who and Encyclopaedia that looks just a little lost, please pick it up and make sure it finds a good home.

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