Apps for Digital Storytelling

Last year, I was involved in a digital storytelling project for the Tower of London. I worked with children and parents to create their own short, personal stories on iPads – from planning and creating the content, to editing and uploading.

Here are some of the iPad and iPhone apps for storytelling I explored for this project (and some other apps I also think are wonderful for creating stories):

  • iMovie – powerful way of creating short films with stills, audio and video.
  • Tappy Memories – useful for one-to-one work and prompting memories from objects or photographs.
  • ToonTastic – tell the story using characters that you can move around on screen. It’s a bit like puppetry, or telling stories with dolls.
  • Picle – capture moments on your iPhone, turn them into stories, share with friends.
  • Toca Tea Party – Toca Boca create digital toys for play. Encourages children to create their own stories through play and gives a framework on which to hang a story.
  • Keynote – great for creating stories or planning out a story structure.
  • Moodboard Pro – add photos, text, colour swatches onto boards. Also a Lite version available for free.
  • Animation Creator HD – for creating animations. Also a free Lite version.
  • Photopuppet HD – make cartoons on your iPad.
  • Storify – Create social stories by browsing streams, and dragging and dropping photos, videos and updates into a story, and add your own text.
  • iBooks Author – not strictly an app, but another powerful way to create a multi-touch story as an ebook, to publish, share and open on an iPad.


[Update 10/06/12: Here’s some other iPhone and iPad app suggestions for digital storytelling. Looking forward to trying these out.]

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