Ten ideas shared at iOSDevUK

I’ve just returned from a visit to mid-west Wales, for the iOSDevUK 2012 conference at Aberystwyth Uni. It’s been an awesome three days of meeting brilliant new people, catching up with friends, sharing ideas, learning new stuff and feeling inspired.

And cake. *Lots* of cake.

There’s way too much information to try to capture the entire three days in a short blog post (and there’s lots of stuff my brain is still processing), so here’s ten ideas shared at iOSDevUK 2012:

1. More iPhones are sold worldwide per day (375,000) than babies are born (371,000).
Craig Lockwood (founder of Handheld and Pixel Picnics): State of the Union: characterizing the iOS Marketplace.

2. ‘Get comfortable with that feeling of stumbling around in the dark… If you’re feeling the terror, just start building things.’
Evan Doll (co-founder of Flipboard): Life at the Intersection of Code & Design.

3. ‘The agony of deletion: you may have to bail on an idea you love.’
Evan Doll (co-founder of Flipboard): Life at the Intersection of Code & Design.

4. ‘Developers are an integral part of the creative team.’
John Cromie (Director of Technology, Touch Press): Design, coding and production challenges developing app books for literature and the arts.

5. The Paper app is a beautiful way to design and prepare slides.
Oliver Mason (Computational Linguist and iOS Developer): Pecha Kucha on Linguistic Analysis

6. ‘The implementation of an idea is what really matters.’
Dave Addey, (MD of Agant): Mind Your Own Business

7. China makes up 20% of Apple’s sales. 2 years ago, sales in China made up only 2%.
Robert Lo Bue (founder of Applingua): Sprechen Sie Apps? NEIN?!

8. ‘We put stories on to real life to make it manageable.’
Jan Pinkava (Oscar winning writer and director of Pixar’s Geri’s Game, and creative force behind Ratatouille): An iPhone, an Android, and Einstein walked into a bar

9. ‘Don’t be precious about ideas. Be open, play nice but criticize when appropriate.’
Kate Ho (MD of Interface3): Creating Storybooks on the iPad

10. ‘Everybody has to win for a community to succeed.’
Steve Scott (Scotty) (The driving force behind iDeveloper TV and NSConference): Creating Electronic Communities

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  1. Thanks for a great summary, Alyson – very much encapsulates the conference as I saw it too. The thing that struck me the most was when Evan Doll was talking about the HUNDREDS of different prototypes that they built and evaluated when refining Flipboard. I can imagine building ten or a dozen prototypes, but the care for design that makes 100s of possible prototypes is very impressive.


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