Talks and demos: Library of Lost Books

A few quick updates on show & tell events for the gesture-responsive storytelling book project:

In March I was invited to talk at The Electric Bookshop in Edinburgh, where I did the first public demo of Treasure Island, our little prototype of the book we’re making for The Library of Lost Books.

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The Electric Bookshop was a fascinating event to be part of – my brain came away buzzing with interesting conversations, thoughts and ideas.

Also in March, I wrote about the project for The Literary Platform in a post called Enchanted books: storytelling through gestures and movement.

This month, I’ll be speaking at two more events where I plan to do some more demos of the prototype Treasure Island book.

On April 25th, I’ll be speaking at Dorkbot Cardiff about Lilypad Arduino, storytelling and books.

Then on April 30th, I’m taking part in a show and tell at the first Internet of Things Midlands event at IIPSI, University of Warwick.

I’m really delighted to be taking part in both events. If you’re planning to attend either event, come say hello!

(Update 11/04/13: Just confirmed that I’ll also be at the FutureBook / The Literary Platform Innovation Workshop on May 30th, talking about gesture-responsive books and stories.)

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