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Paper bound books: remade and recommendations; a real-time Instagram choose your own adventure


It’s been a while since I wrote an update post on what I’m doing.

Since the last update, I spoke to Tim Whitemore at TedXDerby about the talk I gave at TxD Remade earlier this year. The talk was on remaking the book, using Arduino to alter physical paper-bound books.

I’m looking for speaking opportunities for 2016. I talk about topics including: books and technology, digital transformation in government, what technology could mean for the arts; pair working in agile projects. Get in touch if you’d like to chat about speaking at your event.

Canvas Conference 2015 happened in Birmingham in October. Speakers included people from Medium, Withings, and NASA. A really inspiring day of talks and conversations. The talks are available to view on the Canvas Conf blog.

I’m in the final weeks of my reading project, All the books I’ve read in 2015. This is a series of posts on Tumblr capturing all the paper-bound books I’ve read this year, and the source of each book: who’s recommended it, and where it’s come from. This project has made me pick up books I might not have known about or chosen to read. I’ll write a separate post about the project, but it’s been great for being exposed to new texts and new ideas.

I ran a real-time chose your own adventure story/game on Instagram with Paul Rissen and Henry Cooke. We’re planning to share what we did in a podcast and a write up, along with what’s next for the CYOA Instagram project.

Earlier this month, I met up with Katie and Mary Helen from The Other Way Works, to talk about plans for Agent in a Box. Katie and John Sear ran test sessions at Bite Size Festival, a showcase for new theatre, in November.

In the past few months, I’ve been concentrating my time on a few things that should come good in early 2016. One of these things is a project working with Ceri Gorton. I’ve long admired her work in the arts, and I’m delighted to work with her on an arts/tech project.

Finally, I got hold of a Pi Zero, and will be having a play over the Christmas break.

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[image: from The Mighty Micro, 1979]

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