Practical Action Stickers: doing

Practical Action Stickers

Hello. These are Practical Action Stickers.

There are 14 stickers in total, each with a tiny action or thought.

Each sticker is a tiny thing that can be done right now. It’s about starting to do something small and, maybe, moving on to doing bigger things.

The idea behind the stickers is that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in a time of big economic, social and political change. But doing, making and taking action can help make a difference.

Over summer 2016 I made some Keep Going stickers:

They were created to help get through the stage in projects where you hit the trough of despair. It’s the point where you’re working incredibly hard but barely moving forwards. It feels like failure and that maybe it’s better to give up. But it’s exactly the time when you need to keep going, make small steps to get through.

I had some good chats and feedback on the Keep Going stickers and made a reprint of the set late in 2016. That, and the big changes that have happened this year, prompted the idea of Practical Action Stickers.

I wanted to create a series of small actions and little sparks to answer the question: what can I do right now?

This is the first iteration of Practical Action Stickers: doing. There are 14 small actions in this first set, but there might be more or fewer for the next iteration. They’re broadly in pairs of actions, by colour: 7 pairs of actions in all.

There are a few sets now available for testing. If you’d like one in exchange for your feedback, let me know.

The full list of actions are:

  • Start with a cup of tea
  • Anchor yourself to what’s good
  • Join a campaign group
  • Donate to a food bank
  • Talk to strangers
  • Listening is a superpower
  • Read more books
  • Tell stories based on facts
  • Idea > feedback > iterate > do it
  • Doing is better than perfect
  • Make a list
  • What’s the next most important thing?
  • Change takes time
  • Don’t give up

Massive thanks to Giles Turnbull and Christine Cawthorne for chats, ideas, words and feedback for Practical Action Stickers.

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