Weeknotes: mainly stickering and posting


Practical Action Stickers print run #2 is coming to an end, with the last few sets being posted out right now.

The sets have gone out in exchange for donations to Liberty. I don’t know what the final donation tally will be yet, but so far it’s looking good. I’ll share the total when the last donation is in. Thanks everyone who’s supported the project. People are brilliant.

The past few weeks have mostly looked like this.

Sorting print run #2 stickers into sets of 12:

stickers-2(And double checking. Then triple checking for good measure)

Adding stickers to envelopes:

pas-envelopes2 (thanks Alfie for the envelopes)

Dot-stickering the Practical Action envelopes, matching the postcard and envelope colours:

Dot stickered envelopes

Packing envelopes with postcards and notes:


Lining up envelopes to go out for posting:



Alongside the stickers, I included a Practical Action postcard as a tiny extra thanks to people for their donations. A set of 4 got printed up. Here’s the full set:


It’s been fascinating watching the speed of post move around the UK and beyond, through people tweeting to say their stickers had arrived.

In one instance, an envelope travelled from London (where it was posted) to Canada in 2 days. This was the same time as London to Scotland – and 1 day faster than London to Parliament buildings (also in London).

I learned lots about Canadian postal codes too: H0H0H0.

So. That’s the end of this print run. I don’t know if or when I’ll do another one yet. If you’d like a set, pop me a note and we’ll see what happens next.

Outside of stickers, I’ve been working on a couple of arts / digital / tech projects as well as web strategy work at a large company. These deserve a bigger write-up. I’ll try to do that next week.

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