Modifying Treasure Island

One weekend in the middle of February, we ran a hack session to make a first useable prototype of our book for the Library of Lost Books – a talking, gesture-responsive book.

Our aim was to put together the elements we’ve each been working on: story and audio; Lilypad Arduino; gesture detection; getting iPhone and Arduino talking to each other to share data – and to combine them in a physical book.

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LightBook: a movement-sensing book

This project is to create a bedside light that can switched on or off by moving a book. It uses an accelerometer sewn into the book to measure the book’s movement.

When the book lies flat, the LED lights are off. When the book is tipped up above a 20 degree angle in any direction, the lights fade up to full. To keep the lights on, stand the book upright, or prop up on an angle. To turn the lights off, lie the book flat.

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LilyPad Arduino – sensing ambient temperature

This project uses a temperature sensor and five LEDs sewn into a wrist warmer to respond to ambient temperature.

If the temperature drops below 12°C, the lights start fading in and out. If the temperature is 1°C or below, the lights twinkle.

This guide is written for Mac OS X.

(tl;dr: Wrist warmers are practical warming devices, they can also tell you when it’s cold enough to wear them, through the application of pretty twinkling lights.)

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