Modifying Treasure Island

One weekend in the middle of February, we ran a hack session to make a first useable prototype of our book for the Library of Lost Books – a talking, gesture-responsive book.

Our aim was to put together the elements we’ve each been working on: story and audio; Lilypad Arduino; gesture detection; getting iPhone and Arduino talking to each other to share data – and to combine them in a physical book.

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A cricket’s chirp and the human kiss

“There are almost a million feet of sound effects film in the sound library of the First National studios. This library covers a multitude of sins– as well as joys, sorrows and train effects…

“But in the library there is not one record of the human kiss.”

– A Library of Sound Effects, The Picturegoer’s Who’s Who and Encyclopaedia of The Screen To-Day, 1933.

Apps for Digital Storytelling

Last year, I was involved in a digital storytelling project for the Tower of London. I worked with children and parents to create their own short, personal stories on iPads – from planning and creating the content, to editing and uploading.

Here are some of the iPad and iPhone apps for storytelling I explored for this project (and some other apps I also think are wonderful for creating stories):

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