Agent in a Box: concept film

Here’s a concept film from the Black Tonic CATH project I’ve been working on with Katie and John. It’s got a working title of Agent in a Box, and was filmed by Chris Keenan.

The film brings together everything we’ve worked on so far on this project. We’ve also been able to test the first few minutes of the experience – Katie took the early work to a Pilot Sites event in May.

We’re now exploring what might happen next.

You can see the early stages of the project when we started thinking about digital adventures in theatre from autumn last year.

Show and tell: the talking book

I’ve had a couple more talks / demos confirmed this year for the gesture-responsive book. I’ll be at iOSDevUK 3 in Aberystwyth, Wales in September, presenting the project with Mo Ramezanpoor. Mo will be talking in more detail about his work on the project to interpret 3D gesture data.

Then in November, I’ll be talking about combining Arduino and books at the Handheld Mini / Port80 event in Cardiff on the 27th. Tickets for this event are free.

Do come and say hi if you’re attending either event.

Modifying Treasure Island

One weekend in the middle of February, we ran a hack session to make a first useable prototype of our book for the Library of Lost Books – a talking, gesture-responsive book.

Our aim was to put together the elements we’ve each been working on: story and audio; Lilypad Arduino; gesture detection; getting iPhone and Arduino talking to each other to share data – and to combine them in a physical book.

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